Writing Instruction

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My teaching experience includes both sections of first-year composition at Eastern Michigan University.

Writing 120: Writing The College Experience

Writing 121: Researching the Public Experience

In both courses, I created the major assignments, the lesson plans, teaching workshops, and assessed all student work. Please feel free to take a look at one of my lesson plans for Writing 121

The first writing course students may elect to take at Eastern Michigan University is Writing 120. In Writing 120, I taught my students about the writing process, genre conventions, rhetorical theories, reflection, and multimodality. My students each wrote over sixty pages of work and created a comprehensive presentation at the end of the semester.

In Writing 121, students were encouraged to research a topic within the course theme (aquatic and marine conservation), and wrote over seventy pages of research notes throughout the semester. The students' work will be showcased on April 6th, 2017 at the Celebration of Student Writing.